5th Grade Trip

St. Joseph School 5th grade students and 5th grade students from Sacred Heart Catholic School in Colby spent a weekend in Denver. They went to a hockey game, toured the St. John Vianney Seminary and toured the Mother Cabrini Shrine. They also enjoyed games at Dave N' Busters and Jump Street. It was a good time to enjoy fellowship with other local Catholic School students.

5th Grade Law Day

5th grade students from St. Joseph School and Winona Public School were given the opportunity to participate in a mock trail at the Logan County District Court. Judge Mark Temaat walked the students through the process of a court process.

5th Gr. February Lit. Ministries


Liturgical Ministries for February 2017

January 29, 2017


Catholic Schools Week Mass


Teachers perform ministries


January 31


Songleader: Patrick


Readers:  Kenna, Ivan


Server: Coy


February 1, 2017


Mass in Colby with Bishop


Reader:  Coy

February 2, 2017


Songleader:  Ivan


Readers:  Nolin, Elliot


 February 7, 2017


Songleader:  Nolin


Readers:  Patrick, Kenna


Servers:  Ivan, Elliot


 February 9, 2017


Songleader:  Ivan


Readers:  Coy, Nolin


Servers: Patrick


 February 14, 2017


Songleader:  Coy


Readers:  Ivan, Elliot


Server:  Kenna


 February 16, 2017


Songleader:  Elliot


Readers:  Nolin, Patrick


 February 21, 2017


Songleader:  Patrick


Readers:  Kenna,  Elliot


Server:  Nolin, Ivan


 February 23, 2017


Songleader:  Kenna


Reader:  Ivan, Patrick


Server: Elliot






5th Gr. March Lit. Ministries


5th Gr. Liturgical Ministries for March 2017


Feb 28, 2017

Songleader: Kenna

Readers:  Ivan, Patrick

Server: Elliot



March 1, 2017

Ash Wednesday, 12:00 pm


Reader:  Mrs. Blair

Songleader:  Coy

Servers:  Kenna, Nolin


March 2, 2017

Songleader:  Ivan

Readers:  Kenna, Elliot


March 7, 2017

Songleader:  Patrick

Readers:  Kenna, Coy

Servers:  Ivan, Elliot


March 9, 2017

Songleader:  Nolin

Readers:  Elliot, Ivan

Server: Coy



March 21, 2017

Songleader:  Kenna

Readers:  Patrick, Coy

Server:  Nolin



March 23, 2017

Songleader:  Elliot

Reader:  Kenna, Nolin


March 28, 2017

Songleader:  Coy

Reader:  Patrick, Elliot

Server:  Ivan, Nolin


March 30

Songleader:  Ivan

Reader:  Kenna, Ivan

Server:  Patrick

Artsonia Artists

Mrs. Palmquist added the Veterans that we painted for Veteran's Day to the Artsonia Website.  Take a look!



January 2017 Liturgical Ministries

January 5, 2017

Songleader:  Patrick
Readers:  Kenna, Ivan

January 10, 2017

Songleader:  Coy
Readers:  Nolin, Elliot
Servers:  Patrick

January 12, 2017

Songleader:  Ivan, Nolin
Readers:  Patrick, Coy
Servers:  Elliot

January 16, 2017 (Monday)

Songleader:  Patrick
Readers:  Kenna, Nolin
Servers:  Ivan, Coy

January 20, 2017 (Friday)

Songleader:  Nolin
Readers:  Ivan, Elliot

January 24, 2017

Songleader:  Kenna
Readers:  Coy, Patrick
Servers:  Nolin

January 26

Songleader:  Elliot
Readers:  Kenna,  Coy
Server:  Ivan

Gmail Accounts

5th Graders now have Gmail accounts!!  They will be bringing home a note today on how to use this account to access Google Docs.  Our first trial run for Google Docs will be over the holiday.  They are writing their draft for their informative essay.  They picked the topic, and will first need to make notes on their online resource. 

*****They are responsible for their password.******

Please encourage your students to abide by the rules on the note, and the school's internet policies as they use this account.

Thank you!!!

Any questions, email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Candidate Venn Diagram

The Social Studies Assignment this evening is to fill in a Venn Diagram on Hillary Clinton and Donald trump.  This link gives more information about the candidates, if needed!


5th Gr. December Lit. Ministries


December Liturgical Ministries

December 1

Readers:  Nolin, Ivan

Songleaders:  Coy

Servers:  Elliot 


December 6

Readers:  Ivan, Alize

Songleaders:  Kenna


December 8

Songleaders:  Ivan and Nolin

Servers:  Alize and Patrick

Gifts:  Kenna

 Pass Baskets:  Coy and Elliot


 December 13

Readers:  Alize, Kenna

Songleaders:  Patrick

Servers:  Coy


 December 15

Readers:  Coy and Ivan

Songleaders:  Elliot

Servers:  Kenna


 December 20

Readers:  Patrick, Nolin

Songleaders:  Alize


 January 5

Readers:  Ivan, Kenna

Songleaders:  Patrick

Servers:  Nolin

5th Gr. November Lit. Ministries

November Liturgical Ministries for 5th Grade

All student ministries subject to change!


November 1:  All Saints Day


Songleaders-Nolin, Ivan


Bring up Gifts-Elliot, Ali

 Baskets-Patrick, Kenna


November 3

Readers-Nolin, Coy




November 8

Readers-Kenna, Elliot





November 10

Readers-Ivan, Patrick




November 15 

Readers-Ivan, Coy





Readers-Kenna, Elliot



November 22

Songleaders-Ivan, Nolin

Songleaders-Patrick, Ali



November 29

Readers-Ali, Ivan










5th Grade Upcoming Events!

Tuesday 10/18/2016:  Wizard of Oz!  Thank you for getting all of the registration forms in for us to enjoy this show!

Thursday 10/20/2016:  Electronics and Board Game Party!!  Your kids are such champions!  We are excited to let them celebrate.

Friday 10/21/2016:  Presentation of Genius Hour Projects!  Thank you for all of your help with this this quarter.  Students have learned lots about their projects.  Most students are done with their projects, but please check with your student if they have completed everything for the presentation.

Thursday 10/27/2016:  St. Jude's Math-a-thon!  St. Joseph's students will be raising money and spending the afternoon doing Math to benefit St. Jude's.  Money will be collected Thursday, November 3rd!  Contact MRS. Blair for questions!

Monday 10/31/2016:  Halloween Party!  Thanks to Anita Kuhlman and Carrie Weber for being our Party Parents for this holiday!  Looking forward to it!

Tuesday 11/1/2016:  All Saints Day Presentations.  Students will be choosing a Saint to research, write an informational report on, and then dress up to present their projects on All Saints Day!

AND All School Election-Students have been learning about the election process, and what it takes to be a good president.  We will have our All School Election the week before the real election.

Get Epic!

Epic!  is a FREE app and/or website that you can use to find books for your kids. 

If, for instance, they forget their AR Book at school, they can still use this website

to read their 20 minutes for their reading log.  They may even find a copy of their AR

book that they are forgot!


I have only used the "Teacher" portion of it, but the "Parent" link is probably awesome too!



October Lit. Ministries


5th Grade October Liturgical Ministries 


(Subject to change!)


Oct. 4


Readers:  Nolin, Ivan


Songleaders: Kenna




October 6


Readers:  Ali, Coy


Songnleaders:  Elliot


Server:  Patrick




October 11


Readers:  Patrick, Elliot


Songleaders:  Ivan


Server:  Coy




October 13


Readers:  Kenna, Ivan


Songleaders:  Coy


Server:  Nolin, Elliot




October 18


Readers:  Coy & Nolin


Songleaders: Ali




October 20


Readers:  Elliot, Kenna


Songleaders:  Nolin 


Servers:  Patrick




October 25


Readers:  Patrick & Elliot


Songleaders:  Kenna


Servers:  Ali




October 27


Readers:  Ali, Kenna


Songleader:  Patrick


Servers:  Nolin & Ivan


Math 9.8.2016

We have started Place Value in Math Lesson 1.  Today's Homework Assignment is:

Pg. 9 #4-23 All  (If modified, it is marked on your student's page).


If students are struggling, and have a few questions left in the evenings, they can bring it to me during breakfast in the mornings for help.  :)  



August/September Lit. Ministries

 August 25th:

Song Leader:  Nolin and Kenna

Server: Elliot

August 30th:

Readers:  Coy and Ivan

Server:  Patrick and Kenna

Song Leader:  Elliot

September 1st:

Reader:  Patrick and Nolin

Server:  Coy

Song Leader:  Ivan

September 6th:

Reader:  Kenna and Elliot

Server:  Ivan and Nolin

Song Leader:  Coy

September 8th:

Reader:  Coy and Elliot

Server:  Kenna

Song Leader:  Patrick

September 13th:

Reader:  Ivan and Kenna

Server:  Elliot and Coy

Song Leader:  Nolin

September 15th:

Reader:  Patrick and Nolin

Server:  Ivan

Song Leader:  Kenna

September 19th:

Reader:  Coy and Patrick

Server:  Nolin

Song Leader:  Elliot

September 23rd:

Reader:  Ivan and Nolin

Server:  Kenna

Song Leader:  Patrick

September 27th:

Reader:  Patrick and Kenna

Server:  Coy and Elliot

Song Leader:  Ivan

September 29th:

Reader:  Nolin and Elliot

Server:  Kenna

Song Leader:  Coy

Get Ready!

Hi 5th Graders and Parents!


I am so excited to meet you all!  We are going to have a champion year!!


Miss Blair

Miss Blair